Packaging industry has linked production and business activities to create a closed chain from producing a unique packaging.

Who are we?

IMPEPACK offers state of the art pre-press system for a wide range of different applications within the global packaging industry.
High quality and high productivity are finally combined with an attractive level of investment.

Digital printing

The process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substate. There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing:

Increased speed

We can basically plug in, set up and print immediately.

Lower costs

From fewer materials and prep to quicker turnaround times, digital printing is often a more cost-effective option for printing projects.

More options

Method: can be used to print on a variety of materials and surfaces. This is often not the case whit traditional prints methods,
Spectrum printing: Fueled by industry-leading access to an almost unlimited spectrum of colors, precise color matching, up to 7 color stations on-press and an extended oof-press color gamut, which let you achieve any color-exactly.

Special applications

We are manufacturers of packaging items. Our assortment of products includes Food packaging and packaging materials with the most advanced technology and automatic devices after printing as:

Die cutting

Utilized to create shapes, designs, and patterns in various products to create unique custom package that are associated whit a brand.


The combination of two or more of materials (PE, CPP, BOPP, Al, Cellulose) to create o new substrate depending on customer specifications.


This print finish processes create a 3D image or design that gives real texture to the chosen substrate. Is most often selected and considered great ways to attract attention and convey a Hight quality textural contrast.


Printed products are laminated to protect them from stains, smudges, moisture, wrinkles and tears. In addition to protection, print lamination also adds strength and rigidity. The product can be laminated Matt or gloss.

Packaging materials

We offer a wide variety of custom printed roll/film stock including surface printed films as well as a complex laminated structure.

We provide a variety of material structures depending on the application:

  • Transparent BOPP
  • Natural Kraft
  • Silver label
  • Gloss film
  • Adhesive film
  • Coated paper
  • Compostable films
  • Mat film
  • Metalize BOPP
  • Triplex PET
  • PLA Paper
  • CPP film
  • PE film
  • Eco-Friendly films


Our main mission is to support our customer in devolopping the most qualitative packaging on the market .
Based on our expertise and technology our company is positionned as the regionnal leader in the digital printing dedicated to food industry cosmetics and others.

Some of our products


To guarantee the products will meet the highest quality standards, SITI has installed three quality control laboratories where the following certifications have been obtained.

ISO 9001


ISO 22000



We Guarantee the color accuracy of the proof thanks to an integrated system for creating and measuring check charts regarding Delta E tolerances.
we establish and maintain comprehensive specifications for the packaging to ensure consistent production.
We have o global network of suppliers, all of whom have gone through a rigorous qualification process, knowing that the suppliers were chosen for their ability to maintain high standard of safety, stewardship, quality and consistency.

Social responsability

We understand the economic and social challenges in Morocco and therefore make every effort to go above and beyond when it comes to our social responsibility. Here are just a few things we implement with this mind.

1. We commit to employing and training women including in leadership positions. This has enabled us to put together a highly qualified team that adheres to progressive social and employment standards and internal training programs.

2. All of our employees are offered membership in a private health insurance scheme that offers benefits that extend beyond those provided by the statutory system. In addition, the private health insurance also remains active beyond the period of employment, even extending into retirement age.

3. Each year we organize a raffle where up to ten people have the opportunity to win a pilgrimage to Mecca. In Morocco the Muslim faith is widespread and for many Moroccans this is the dream of a lifetime (and one that generally remains unfulfilled). A journey such as this is very costly and approximately accounts for the average income earned over a period of roughly two years.

4. We support the Marrakech “Dar Tifl” (“Children’s House”) Orphanage. With more than 450 inmates, Dar Tifl is the biggest orphanage in Marrakech. The orphanage receives annual financial help from SITI. Mr Mustapha El Baroudi, the founder of SITI, is the president of the orphanage and is in charge of the day-to-day management of this institution. Dar Tifl is often presented as a model orphanage in Morocco, incorporating high standards of nutrition, hygiene, medical care and education.





Tea bag labels per day




Export countries


Production site


We are not alone; underneath our group Imperium Holding, there are several subsidiaries that make up our premium tea packing chain.

This integration enables SITI to offer an unmatched level of flexibility and fast turn around time to help you get to the market as fast as possible – all whilst keeping the highest levels of quality control at every step.


Since its creation, IMPEPACK has undertaken several initiatives to minimize its impact on the environment. All of the organic waste (plants, cardboard packaging, etc.) generated by the company is systematically recycled; also our use of water and energy is closely monitored, controlled and rationalized.

We try our best to carry out good environmental practices and are keen to treat our waste in a responsible way, for example :

  • Vegetal waste is sent back to our Moroccan mint and verbena suppliers who reintroduce them back into their compost
  • Fabric waste is recycled by our workers for pillow filling
  • We use a compacting machine to condense paper and carton waste that is then passed on to recycling companies.

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